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Delivering fully validated biosimilar assets with supporting
data to jump start your development efforts.


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Our differentiated approach enables rapid biosimilar target selection, accelerates Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Controls development timelines, and reduces preclinical cost and risk. Learn more about our programs by exploring our pipelines.

  • Analytical Data Pipeline

    Our analytical packages deliver reference product QTPP, stability data, and analytical methods at a lower cost than independent generation.

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  • Asset Development Pipeline

    Early initiation of biosimilar development, coupled with our robust data packages, enables us to develop high quality products ready to out-license.

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Maximize Value Through

Flexible Partnership

Reduce risk during early biosimilar development, cut costs for analytical activities, and accelerate early programs.

Are you looking for a program beyond our current pipeline but you are concerned with risks from program cancellation and market timelines? Discuss a co-development agreement with Similis to initiate the development of multiple biosimilar programs in parallel with an exclusive right to every program.

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